Stevie G’s vast professional experience and repertoire is what truly sets him apart from other DJs on the Sunshine Coast. As a career DJ, he has clocked thousands of hours behind the decks in virtually every setting – from house parties to sophisticated sunset venues to trendy nightclubs to elegant island resorts and villas, playing to an international audience from every demographic.

With over three decades in the business and with a massive musical hard drive to match, Stevie has managed to earn a solid reputation (without the help of social media) as an incredibly versatile DJ who can handle ANY request. With an encyclopedic knowledge of music in all it’s forms, Stevie has literally played everything from Bollywood tracks as if he were Indian to Australiana classics as if he was raised Down Under. Masterfully mixing between genres without ever breaking the flow – this is where experience really comes in. Being able to play anything is one thing, but having the know how and confidence to bring it all together is what really makes the difference.

A jack of all musical trades, there isn’t a request too common or too obscure that Stevie can’t accommodate and he is always happy to play from any specific playlists as well as recommend songs to help fill in the blanks.

Live Mixes

NOTE: These live mixes were recorded at several weddings in Bali & Noosa between 2012 – Present. The music featured on these playlists are from customized sets specific to the guests’ requests. Stevie is not limited in any way to playing in the style or genres featured on these mixes. These snippets are merely examples to show that he is able to play across a wide range of music and bring it all together effectively.

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